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  • The essential partner


Steel protects food by acting as a barrier to keep out light, oxygen and moisture. It preserves the nutritional quality and flavour of the content, for a period unequalled by other types of packaging.

The essential partner for food packaging

Steel is used in various food sectors:

  • Retorted foods: Canned fruits and vegetables, canned fish, canned meats and pâtés, convenience meals, baby food, soups and sauces, canned concentrated milk and pet food. 
  • Non-retorted food: Powdered products such as coffee and milk, dry products such as crackers, biscuits and peanuts and liquids such as oils and syrups.


Wide range of formats and shapes

Steel cans are made of 3 pieces (a welded body and two ends seamed onto the body) or 2 pieces (a drawn can body and one end seamed onto the body).

Steel cans are all available with common opening systems, including easy-open lids, ring pull with peel-off foil and peel-off foil heat-sealed directly onto the can.

For brand differentiation, ArcelorMittal has developed Creasteel®, a new line of steel used in making eye-catching drawn cans.

ArcelorMittal has developed state-of-the-art steels specifically designed to improve the experience of opening easy-open lids. Maleis® steel is recommended for sterilization processes without counter pressure and Creasteel® is the solution recommended for all other types of sterilization.