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  • A brand differentiator

General line

From DIY paints to the most luxurious fragrance, brands seeks to differentiate.Steel, as a robust, rigid material, is well-suited to all these markets.

Strength and safety guarantee handling, filling, distribution and use from domestic products up to hazardous industrial products. The vast possibilities of shaping and printing are a great advantage for luxury manufacturers.

Aspect differentiation

Morever, new print techniques meet the high standards of packaging designers and bring enhanced appeal with different steel finishes (glossy, textured, matte, silver) and varnishes providing a “peach skin” or “orange peel” tactile effect on all or part of the packaging.

Shape differentiation

Eye-catching and easy to identify on the shelves, the shape combines brand differentiation with convenience and function.

Two main techniques are largely used to shape packaging. Mechanical expansion reinforces both the appearance and convenience of the product. Hydro-forming or hydraulic expansion smooths walls and enable numerous new packaging styles.

Embossing finalises differentiation. From biscuit tins to promotional packaging for spirits, the relief effect obtained by pushing on the metal can atttracts the consumer, increases brand impact and product visibility.