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  • EDI services

CLS: Electronic Data Interchange

ArcelorMittal FCE has considerable experience in Electronic Data Interchange techniques.

EDI offers our customers and our warehouses many advantages:

  • Economy of work
  • Reduction of errors
  • Reduction of documents
  • Reduction of stock
  • Reduction of cycle time

ArcelorMittal FCE supports all three norms that are used in Europe:

  • Odette
  • VDA (German norm)
  • Edifact (new European norm)

We use these three norms to communicate with all third parties including our customers and our warehouses.

If you wish to establish an EDI connection with us, please contact your local ArcelorMittal FCE Commercial representative.

ArcelorMittal FCE offers the following EDI functionalities:

EDI Order message
EDI Delivery schedule message
EDI Dispatch advice message

And also:

  • EDI Inventory report message
  • EDI Invoice message
  • EDI Quality certificates