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E10: Online consultation of invoices


This service intends to give our customer the possibility to easily and safely look up an electronic copy of invoices and print out a duplicate if necessary.

This is an Arcelor FCS Proprietary Web Service, accessible through the STEEL24-7 portal.

You will not only save time by consulting this service, but now all your company functions needing invoices can consult them readily. Invoices are accessible for a period of 18 months starting on the date of issue, with a specially secured connection.


One of the most important commercial documents sent to the customer by Arcelor FCS Commercial is the invoice.

In order to put an electronic copy of the invoice in a fast way at the customer’s disposal, Arcelor FCS offers a proprietary Internet service whereby the customer himself can easily locate the invoice related to a specific order or period of time and print out a duplicate if necessary. Invoices can also be fully downloaded.