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  • Different steels for different needs

Steels for packaging

Three types of steel - tinplate, chromium coated steel , black plate - are used for packaging.

Tin coated steel or Tinplate

Tinplate is a thin sheet or strip of soft steel, less than 0.50 mm thick, coated electrolytically differentially on both sides with block tin. It suits with all application.

Chromium coated steel

Chromium coated steel is a sheet or strip of steel electrolytically coated with a layer of chrome thinner than a micron. Originally called TFS (Tin Free Steel), it is now known by the acronym, ECCS (Electrolytic Chromium Coated Steel).

With regard to its properties and use, ECCS possesses notable differences when compared with tinplated steel :

  • ECCS is never used without any organic protection (lacquer, polymer) for food products. The lacquer provides lubrication in the production phase and protection against corrosion.
  • Organic coatings generally have excellent adhesive properties on ECCS and are therefore used particularly for plated cans and standard food can bottoms.


Blackplate is the basic component of tinplate and ECCS : a sheet or strip of steel without coating. It can be used as such, or covered with metallic or organic coatings.

Blackplate is epsecially used for tabstocks.