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  • Aditya Mittal appointed Chief Executive Officer

  • ArcelorMittal Europe to produce ’green steel’ starting in 2020


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The Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging (APEAL) is the federation of four multi-national producers of steel for packaging.

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APEAL to host free virtual event, Steel for Packaging Week, from 25 February to 3 March, announcing its new vision for recycling. Save the date!

Lakshmi N. Mittal to become Executive Chairman; Aditya Mittal appointed Chief Executive Officer

Illy is one of the world’s best-known producers of quality coffee for domestic use and the catering industry. The company’s premium coffee is packaged in tinplate cans which are made by ArcelorMittal customer OCM, an Italian producer of packaging solutions. The result is a high-quality can which protects the aroma and taste of the coffee inside.

“Steel has the potential to be made without carbon emissions. But that will not happen without the right policy". ArcelorMittal Europe announces details of the CO2 technology strategy that will enable it to offer its first green steel solutions to customers this year (30,000 tonnes).