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27.09.2018 |

 Choose steel cans!

Is this can made of steel? That is a question you should always ask yourself when it comes to packaging material. Why? Because it matters a lot in terms of recycling!

Discover the 7 topics we selected for you. Happy reading!

24.08.2018 |

 Baby proof

Parents around the world want to be sure that the baby formula they use for their infant children is safe and free from contaminants. And steel is answering these concerns. Safe for food – and baby – steel provides a secure barrier against contamination, moisture, and light. And with demand for formula from countries with high food-safety standards growing rapidly, steel is able to withstand the rigours of long distance shipping better than any other packaging material.

Between plastic, glass and steel, it should not take long to decide which container to choose! Here are some reasons why you should always prefer steel packaging for bringing regional products and other culinary delights from your travel destination.

A delegation of brand owners, fillers, associations delegates and press journalists have had the chance to participate to the first « Closing the Loop with Steel » full-day visit organised by ArcelorMittal Packaging Europe on Tuesday 26 June in Dunkirk and Lille.

Des recommandations, des points d'attention mais aussi des fiches techniques pour optimiser la collecte et le recyclage des emballages en acier, voici ce que propose ce tout nouveau guide réalisé sur la base d'une étude lancée en 2016 par la Filière Reprise Acier - ArcelorMittal.

The Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging (APEAL) has recently released a new 79.5% recycling rate for steel for packaging in Europe. A significant 2 percentage points increase from the previous year and a figure to be proud of compared to the other packaging materials.


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The Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging (APEAL) is the federation of four multi-national producers of steel for packaging.

Learn more about APEAL.