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The “Choose steel cans” campaign will certainly help you make up your mind!

Is this can made of steel? That is a question you should always ask yourself when it comes to packaging material. Why? Because it matters a lot in terms of recycling!

Choosing steel helps keep recycling easy

Nobody should ignore the fact that, compared to other materials, steel is by far the best sustainable choice. And the easiest on the planet to collect and separate from any waste stream thanks to its magnetic property. Then, as steel scrap is needed for the manufacture of new steel, the collected cans are directly put into furnaces and melted down to produce new high-quality steel products.

A recycled steel can could be back on the shelf as a new can within 60 days! And every recycled can saves at the same time raw materials, CO2 emissions, water and energy. Did you know that recycling a single can saves the same amount of energy as that required to power a TV for one hour? That is one of the many reasons why, among others, steel packaging should always be the chosen one!

Vote with your mouth, Vote steel

By launching this new campaign for steel beverage cans, the Worldsteel association intends to make people understand the many advantages of steel packaging as well as how easy steel recycling is.

A new microsite is available for those who wish to learn more about steel for beverage cans with a nice 5-steps infographic explaining the whole life cycle of a steel can and showing very interesting key figures about steel and recycling.

Have a look here!

Ready to join the recycling revolution?

Nothing easier. Here is how to step in:

  • First step: always choose steel when you are out shopping. How? Steel cans are recognizable by two ways. Either by looking out for the magnet logo #lovesteel that you will find on their back or simply by checking if the can is magnetic or not. Of course, the 2nd option may require a magnet which I guess you are not carrying with you all the time… Still, why not incorporate it in a nice key ring! Wink
  • Second step: recycle every steel product you can by putting your empty cans in a recycling bin! Then everything is being taken care of!

 It is as simple as that. When do you start?


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