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Today, recycling is a major concern and is everyone's business. Hence, getting the public involved in the process is essential

That is the reason why on last september on the occasion of its 80th anniversary, the SITRU (Syndicat Intercommunal pour le Traitement des Résidus Urbains de la Boucle de la Seine) has organized an Open House of its site in Carrières-sur-Seine. During that day, visitors were granted access to the facilities and had the opportunity to follow the waste stream step by step from the separation process to recycling.

A more concrete way to raise awareness of the public about the importance of recycling and of putting waste into the appropriate recycling bins. And showcase in a tangible way how the whole recycling process works and how well-oiled it is.

Nearly 2 500 visitors attended

Many visitors, mostly families with children from neighbouring towns but also teachers and officials, have come to discover the facilities and learn a bit more about recycling.

They had the chance to meet with profesional of the sector and aks questions about the different packaging materials, how they are recycled... and address also their concerns regarding health issues such as food safety or the endocrine disruptive susbtances that can be found in PET packaging for example.


The opportunity to showcase steel virtues and its amazing recycling rate

Acting as the representant of the steel filière in France, ArcelorMittal naturally was there to inform the public about steel and its virtues. These are many and the most significant one in terms of sustainability being that steel is a permanent material and that compared to other packaging materials, steel can be recycled again and again with no limit in time and no loss of quality. A fact that most people ignore!

The audience was very receptive to the best practices given in terms of recycling at home and tips to identify steel from other metal packaging, to sort and recycle more efficiently and so on. A fact that indicates a real interest in the issue and a real desire to know more.

And that is good as recycling is everyone's business and the more the people are concerned, the better and faster the EU recycling target of 70% of packaging material recycled in 2030 will be achieved (80% for metal packaging)!



More about SITRU


Le SITRU est le Syndicat Intercommunal pour le Traitement des Résidus Urbains.