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Why you should always prefer steel for your holiday souvenirs

This summer, my holiday destination was Greece and one of its largest islands, Crete. Of course when thinking of Crete, the postcard image instantly comes to mind with high mountains, valleys and gorges and crystal-clear water bays. Crete has also a very rich cultural legacy thanks to the successive civilisations that have ruled the island. Plenty to do and discover.

But if you like food and cooking, there is something that might definitely interest you! The Cretan cuisine and food specialties: tasty olive oil, countless goat and sheep’s cheeses, crispy baklavas and thyme honey… among others. Those are must-have in your suitcase back home!


Local products and steel

When it comes to honey and olive oil, if you consider buying some, you will find plenty of local producers along the routes or in villages selling their own products. A guarantee of good quality and purity as for the oil, the olives used are from one sole plantation.

But the main point here is that they are offered for sale not only in glass or plastic but also in steel packaging! Between plastic, glass and steel, it should not take you long to decide which container to choose!


Steel packaging, your best travelling partner

Here are some reasons why you should always prefer steel packaging for bringing regional products and other culinary delights from your travel destination.

  • First, steel is unbreakable and very suitable for transportation. If travelling back home by plane, steel is the most adequate packaging to keep your products safe. Just thinking of how roughly our poor luggage can be handled at the airport, only steel packaging can avoid the content to be spread inside your bag and end up all over your clothes!
  • Also, steel offers a 100% barrier protection against light, air and water. Products are protected, freshness is guaranted and nutritional quality is preserved. What a better way to safely bring back home these unique flavours.
  • Finally, steel is 100% recyclable. Indeed, steel is the easiest packaging material to recycle thanks to its magnetic property and in fact the most recycled one. While protecting your holidays’ souvenirs using steel packaging, you help preserving the environment. If you can hit two targets with one bullet, why not go for it?!

 G. L.

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A brand new CANstruction revealed at the Alimarket Food Conference (Madrid)


4.000, this is the number of filled food cans needed to build up this original "Metal Recycles Forever" wall. The cans donated to local food bank Banco de Alimentos de Madrid represent around 640 kilos of tunas equivalent to some 1.600 meals for a family of four.

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