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ArcelorMittal recognised for Bisphenol-A free aerosol mounting cup innovation

The Aerosol and Dispensing Forum (ADF) has recognised ArcelorMittal for the development ofnew BPA-NI mounting cup for aerosol containers. The BPA-NI mounting cup is free of Bisphenol A (BPA) which has been linked to health problems in the past. ArcelorMittal has formally received the ADF award during a ceremony at the ADF Paris Packaging week on 30 June 2022.

ADF awards ArcelorMittal with an Innovation Award


“ArcelorMittal is very grateful and proud to be recognised by ADF,” notes Olivier Brun, Portfolio Director Global R&D at ArcelorMittal. The award acknowledges ArcelorMittal’s continuous efforts to create innovative and sustainable solutions for our packaging customers.


Eliminating epoxy-phenolic lacquers

ArcelorMittal’s BPA-free solution was created as part of a project to develop a pre-lacquered steel which uses BPA-NI (Bisphenol A Non-Intended) lacquers instead of epoxy-phenolic lacquers. The goal was to identify a steel solution with the same flexibility and an equivalent level of corrosion protection.The new BPA-NI lacquer was developed in partnership with a well-known lacquer supplier.  

Although the mounting cup is a small component of aerosol cans, the challenge of achieving the correct in-use properties was huge. Both ArcelorMittal Global R&D and the lacquer supplier were involved. Several tests were carried out with packaging manufacturers, valve producers, and fillers to ensure the new material would work at every stage. 


The novel BPA-NI mounting cup is free of Bisphenol A (BPA)

New pre-coated steel on the market

The new pre-coated steel passed all qualification tests.Millions of mounting cups have already been made from the new gradeand are on the market. 

Although it has been a challenge, we have achieved our goal,” says Richard Lézé, CMO for Packaging at ArcelorMittal. ArcelorMittal is looking forward to showcasing this innovative solution at the ADF Forum in Paris in June.”



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