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Circular Economy & Steel for Packaging: a perfect match

November 2016


APEAL, the Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging, of which ArcelorMittal is a member, actively promotes steel for packaging and its advantages as a material for this particular segment. APEAL’s latest initiative is a video animation launch, highlighting the distinctive benefits of steel as the ideal packaging material for a circular economy.

Stéphane Tondo, ArcelorMittal CMO for Packaging and Energy and president of APEAL, said: “The ongoing debate on the Circular Economy Package marks an exciting time for change in waste and recycling in Europe. The aims of the package are truly in line with the benefits of steel for packaging”. The recently announced figures of recycled steel for packaging in Europe reaching a new all-time high of 76% are a perfect proof.

Steel is a permanent material – it recycles forever and without loss of quality. Due to its properties it is perfect for recycling, simply using a magnet to be separated from other waste. As steel scrap is already a part of the production process for new steel, all steel plants in Europe are also recycling plants.

The Circular Economy Package exists since 2015 and established a progressive and reliable long-term track for waste management and recycling. It envisions higher recycling targets for all packaging materials, notably 75% for ferrous metal by 2025.

Source: APEAL


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