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A full day dedicated to steel and circular economy

A delegation of brand owners, fillers, associations delegates and press journalists, have had the chance to participate to the first « Closing the Loop with Steel » full-day visit organised by ArcelorMittal Packaging Europe on Tuesday 26 June in Dunkirk and Lille.

The sunny day begun with a quick opening session featuring three major experts of the steel Packaging business and Packaging recycling:

They presented the business, the crucial role of steel in the circular economy and highlighted the unbeatable position of steel as the recycling champion. This largely emphasized by the very encouraging recent steel packaging recycling rate released by APEAL, the Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging, showing that steel recycling has reached a new high of 79.5%!

Nothing better than live demo

As a picture is worth a thousand words, we then invited all the participants to a live demonstration of steelmaking to show them how recycling is part of the steelmaking process and how undoubtely steel stands as a permanent material.

First, the visitors were taken to a step-by-step guided tour into the steel plant of Dunkirk, from the coke oven to the hot rolled strip mill including the ladle treatment station, the blast furnace (N°4).

But the demonstration of the sustainability of steel recycling would not have been yet complete without watching how it is indeed easily and efficiently sorted out from the waste stream to be then effectively recycled.

This was made possible by the visit of the sorting centre of Lille-Loos, where participants were welcomed by the managing director, Dany Dunat, who explained in detail the sorting process and showed impressive figures of waste processing and recycling.

Last but not least, the day ended-up with a very interesting speech from ArcelorMittal head of Corporate Responsability, Dr Alan Knight who brilliantly approached the matter of recycling and sustainable development at ArcelorMittal, explaining what it really means for the company and how it drives innovation, business development and the group as a whole.


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A brand new CANstruction revealed at the Alimarket Food Conference (Madrid)


4.000, this is the number of filled food cans needed to build up this original "Metal Recycles Forever" wall. The cans donated to local food bank Banco de Alimentos de Madrid represent around 640 kilos of tunas equivalent to some 1.600 meals for a family of four.

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