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ArcelorMittal steel solutions for aerosols achieve major weight reductions and eliminate BPA in mounting cups.

Aerosols are created from several parts and must resist significant pressure from the gas they contain. That makes the task of lightweighting the material they are made from a significant challenge. But with the best-in class steels for packaging from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products, canmakers are able to achieve significant lightweighting of up to 17-percent on a typical 52 mm aerosol. ArcelorMittal has also developed a new, award-winning lacquered steel for aerosol mounting cups which is free of Bisphenol A (BPA). Add the high recycling rate for steel in Europe and you have the perfect sustainable packaging for aerosols.

With ArcelorMittal’s latest steels for packaging, canmakers can improve the sustainability of their aerosols. Reductions in the thickness of the steel used in the body of the aerosol can lead to a 17-percent reduction in the weight of a 52 mm aerosol.

Significant thickness reductions are also possible in the bottoms and tops of the aerosol despite their rather complex shapes. “With our expertise in finite element calculations,  ArcelorMittal is able to help our customers implement the lightest steel solutions for these critical parts of the aerosol – without compromising aerosol performance or robustness,” says Pascal Amelot, Head of Packaging Product Development and Head of Export for Automotive, Packaging, and Electrical Steels at ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products.

Less steel, less CO2

Thinner and lighter cans contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of aerosols. “Our life cycle assessment (LCA) calculations show that a 17-percent weight reduction for a typical 52 mm aerosol reduces CO2 emissions by 19 grams per aerosol,” notes Pascal Amelot. “We estimate our steel solution results in 30-percent less CO2 emission than a comparable 52 mm diameter aluminium aerosol.”

ArcelorMittal is also actively working to decarbonise its operations with the ambition to become carbon neutral by 2050. The company is already on target to achieve its intermediate 35-percent reduction in emissions by 2030 in Europe. “Our journey to carbon neutrality will make ArcelorMittal’s steels for packaging the most sustainable solution for aerosols in the future,” says Pascal Amelot. “During the transition period, our XCarb® green steel certificates are available. They allow our customers to calculate and report a reduction in their Scope 3 emissions from purchased steels.”

Steel’s infinite recyclability makes it the ideal material for the circular economy. Unlike other packaging materials, steel can be infinitely recycled to create new steels without losing any of its strength or inherent qualities. Its magnetic properties make it easy to extract steel from waste streams. In some countries, that pushes the recycling rate for steel packaging well past APEAL’s average EU recycling figure for steel of 84-percent. “There is no technical reason why all the packaging steel used in Europe cannot be recycled, as long as steel waste is not placed in landfills,” notes Pascal Amelot.

ArcelorMittal’s steels for packaging help canmakers reduce the weight of aerosols by up to 17-percent.

Free from BPA

Recently ArcelorMittal launched a new lacquered steel which uses BPA-NI (Bisphenol A Non-Intended) lacquers. They replace epoxy-phenolic lacquers which contain BPA. The coating is also available on a chromium-free (Cr-free) passivated tinplate. This material is available now and anticipates new European regulations which will strongly reduce or even eliminate the use of all bisphenols in the future.

“The development of BPA-free solutions is part of ArcelorMittal’s leadership to produce smarter steels for people and planet,” says Pascal Amelot. “The new lacquer offers the same flexibility and an equivalent level of corrosion protection. The development has been recognised with an award from the Aerosol and Dispensing Forum (ADF). The award will be presented to ArcelorMittal at the 2022 ADF Forum in Paris.”

Mounting cups seal the aerosol tube and provide a secure footing for the cap. 

ArcelorMittal at ADF

In late June 2022, ArcelorMittal will take part in the first Aerosol and Dispensing Forum (ADF) since the COVID pandemic. To be held in Paris, the Forum will see ArcelorMittal demonstrate the first lacquered material for mounting cups which is free from BPA. ArcelorMittal experts will also be on-hand to discuss lightweighting and new projects with ArcelorMittal customers from across Europe.

More info:

ArcelorMittal’s new lacquered steel for aerosol mounting cups is free of Bisphenol-A (BPA).

Due to its magnetic properties, steel is easy and economical to recover and sort from other materials in household waste.

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