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With 5 billion units produced, Europe is the unquestionable leader on a global market of 11 billion aerosols. USA comes next with 3.7 billion, and then the rest of the world with 2 billion. Steel is the top material for aerosols in all of these regions.

Aerosols can be used for many different products:

  • cosmetics,
  • cleaning products,
  • food products,
  • pharmaceutical and industrial products.

The production of aerosols requires a special expertise as it must withstand 12 to 18 bars. It consists in the assembly of 3 pieces (a can body, a bottom end and a can head) or 2 pieces (a one-piece body and a can head).


Innovative shaped aerosols

The success of shaped aerosols confirms the appeal of shape in differentiating between brands. After the marketing of Quadrimex's "Arbre Vert" diameter 45 can with 30% expansion, a number of brands have developed this marketing advantage in Spain, France and the UK.


ArcelorMittal Packaging has actively participated in these innovations, working in close partnership with 3P aerosol can manufacturers and packagers. Steel which allows expansion up to 30% from the original diameter of the can – on all or part of the aerosol body, with symmetrical or asymmetrical shapes – was developed by ArcelorMittal Packaging, offering innovative shapes obtained by mechanical expansion or blow/hydro-forming.

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