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Salon des Maires

31 May - 2 June 2016, Paris (France)

Organized since 1996, in partnership with the Association of Mayors of France, Salon des Maires is the only annual national fair which brings together all major players (service providers) in public order with all their institutional or specialized partners in municipalities for the management and the development of their cities, department or regions in France.  First professional event for the local political institutions, this show provides decision makers of public procurement (elected representatives and regional decision makers) with answers and practical solutions for the daily exercise of their missions. 

ArcelorMittal has welcomed municipalities’ representatives as well as other stakeholders, from May 31st to June 2nd on its booth Hall 3 – H74 in Environmental hall of the fair centre at the Porte de Versailles in Paris. We were situated at the proximity of the French Assiciatons of Mayors, Eco-Emballages, VEOLIA, Seché Environment, Paprec annd Coca-Cola with Infineo.


"Steel packaging is 100% recycled once collected. We need to collect cans."

As a result of our participation we learned about the need to raise awareness with munilcipalities regarding: 

  • ArcelorMittal - the Steel filière for packaging steel in contract with municipalities for a proximity traceable and effective recycling of post consumed steel packaging.
  • Increased communication towards customers/citizens concerning steel packaging recycling, specifically with CIEMRA* tool box for: schools, municipalities, sorting centers and associations.
  • The objective to increase both quantity and quality of steel packaging scrap issued from sorting centres – objective of the 2016 Steel ArcelorMIttal France project co-financed by ADEME and Eco-Emballages.
  • Speak of circular economy with permanent material concept.

* Centre d’Information sur les Emballages Recyclés en Acier

ArcelorMittal, world leading producer of steel for packaging and member of APEAL, is a major advocate of the sustainability of steel, working on optimal steel recycling performances, including recycling of  by-products and other residues. At E28 level, steel packaging are recycled at 75% (2013 data). We are one of the biggest recyclers of steel in the world, recycling around 30 million tonnes every year and a world recycling rate of 87%. When developing new products, we ensure that the steel in it is recyclable. ArcelorMittal also develops new processes that will help recovering more steel from waste streams. 

Preserving, a way of life


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