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The Canmaker Summit 2015

28-30 October 2015, Gleneagles, Scotland (UK)

 The Canmaker Summit hosts representatives of the global metal packaging industry, joining fillers and suppliers. For two days the players are encouraged to lead discussions about the challenges of their field.  During the summit The Canmaker magazine presents the Cans of the Year Award and the 2015 winner is Virojanglor, a French canmaking specialist with an extraordinary golf-club shaped tin to contain a bottle of Ballantine’s whisky.

Pascal Amelot, the managing director of ArcelorMittal’s Flat Products Packaging division, dedicated his speech to the Steel future for beverage cans. Steel brings its performance all along the value chain, from canmakers to beverage brands and final consumers.

We offer the canmakers a product with unique mechanical properties, lighter, thinner and more formable than ever.

Steel is an outstanding material thanks to its strength and resilience. Even if 40% weight decrease has been already achieved in the last 30 years for standard 33cl cans, an additional 20% light weighting remains accessible thanks to steel exceptional mechanical properties.

A steel beverage can mid-wall thickness can be reduced down to 50µm (50% thinner than a hair!) without putting at risk the mechanical resistance of the can – no other metallic material is able to reach such a performance.

Specifically for beverage cans, steel can be transformed in an unlimited range of formats and sizes, answering to the increasing market demand for differentiation. Moreover, steel surface is the perfect support for customization, to highlight branding and appeal to consumers.

Moreover, Steel is the most recycled packaging material with 75% recycling rate in 2013, aiming for 100%!

Sustainability is key for any material, but steel being magnetic, is the easiest and most economical material to sort. Each ton of recycled steel saves:

  • 1.5 ton of CO2
  • 2 tons of raw material
  • 70% of energy consumption

Steel recycles forever, supporting all the actors in the can making industry to meet environmental regulations and business targets, as well as customers’ requirements. 


Preserving, a way of life


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