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Customer technical services

ArcelorMittal Packaging Europe engineers and R&D experts provide support to customers.

Find new opportunities

ArcelorMittal provides technical assistance in designing packaging based on the functional requirements, and optimizing the steel specifications and use conditions at the customer’s plant.

  • Define the best steel specification
  • Manufacture prototypes and small run
  • Analyse with the ArcelorMittal laboratory services
  • Support in defining the customer process (procedures, tooling)
  • Support for implementing the process at the customer's plant 

Make the best of your products

ArcelorMittal helps customers in optimizing functional properties of the packaging and/or related metal specification. Some examples:

  • Optimizing the profile of DWI can bottoms
  • Increasing the performance of aerosol can heads
  • Optimizing the beading of can bodies

Make the best of your processes

ArcelorMittal has an extensive experience of product-process interactions and helps customers to improve their production line efficiency and packaging quality. To illustrate:

  • Adaptation of rivet forming procedures (easy-open bottoms)
  • Process recommendations to increase gloss on DWI cans
  • Expert recommendations for the shearing process