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... that steel cans are used to pack more than 1,500 different packaging items?

Indeed, be it food, drink, health and beauty products, industrial paints and household items, steel cans are the most convenient packaging ever. Why is that? Because Steel for packaging is simply the best tamper-resistant packaging option available today that can ensure product integrity and quality.


Trusted and reliable

  • Steel offers a 100% barrier against light, water and air. It is a natural protection for up to 3 years without any chemical preservatives.
  • It ensures product quality and trusted brand performance. Products packed in steel stay fresh for longer even at ambient or high temperatures.
  • Impact-resistant and puncture-resistant, steel for packaging is a natural protection during transport, storage and handling.
  • Steel packaging is totally energy-free and emissions-free!

In other words, steel offers the best resistance of any other packaging material.


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Courtesy of Worldsteel Association

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