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The importance of increasing consumers awareness about recycling

Metal Packaging Europe has launched a dedicated microsite to further promote its Metal Recycles Forever (MRF) logo. This new website will help consumers and brands to better understand the key role they have to play in keeping metal in the material loop by recycling their empty packaging and communicating the benefits.

Consumer engagement and responsible behaviour are arguably on top of the agenda for the brands but also for the can makers and all the stakeholders of the packaging business (including ArcelorMittal, as being part of the chain and steel packaging supplier). Consumers and policy makers count on the packaging industry to be more resource efficient and help them understand the value of recycling.

With 80% of EU citizens increasingly buying environmentally friendly products, it has never been more important to engage and accurately inform consumers. That is why the Metal Recycles Forever (MRF) logo exists, providing higher level of understanding and engagement.

MRF equally prompts consumers to sort and recycle their metal packaging in order to make the material available for the next metal product, reducing the need to use primary material in an increasingly resource and energy constrained world.

Today, 75% of metal packaging is recycled in Europe and this figure reached now 80.5% for steel packaging in 2017, making it among the most recycled forms of packaging. These high recycling rates mean lower overall energy consumption. Indeed using secondary raw material saves resources and energy:

  • less carbon emissions (one item of recycled steel packaging saves over 1.5 times its weight in CO2)
  • lower use of raw material (each item of recycled steel packaging saves over twice its weight in raw material)
  • energy savings up to 70% as well as water

We must keep up the good work and work as one, consumers, brand owners and the supply chain, to close the real recycling loop.

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Banner image: courtesy of Metal Packaging Europe

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