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Sustainability, our N°1 commitment

When it comes to sustainability, steel is the best material of choice. Being magnetic, it can easily be collected and recycled. It does not lose any of its properties when being melted to create new steel products, regardless of the number of times steel is recycled.

“Steel is a permanent material, it always gets back to the production cycle after use without being altered. Steel is used and recovered in full.” says Stéphane Tondo - ArcelorMittal CMO Packaging and president of APEAL*.

And by keeping on developing innovative steel solutions and strengthening our commitment and efforts to work according to a circular economy model via various initiatives such as Responsible Steel, a non-profit organisation of which ArcelorMittal is a founding member and whose aim is to drive a more responsible future for the steel industry and build the first global multi-stakeholder certification program for the steel value chain, we are continuously making our steel even lighter, stronger, better… and greener!

Eager to find out more?

Read Stéphane Tondo’s exclusive interview in La Revue des Marques, a French magazine specialized in brands and the packaging business, in which he shares his vision of steel as a premium material and the most appropriate solution at many levels, for both the Brands and the consumers.

Discover why steel is the packaging material of choice of the 20th century, and the fabric of the future because of its virtues and multiple advantages for the packaging business. Be it by its remarkable mechanical properties, the vast range of differentiation possibilities or its remarkable environmental credentials.

Read the full article here (in French) and discover La Revue des Marques (October issue)


More information about Sustainable development

*APEAL: the Association of European Producers of steel for packaging

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