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ArcelorMittal webinar on sustainable steel closures for the packaging industry


Packaging solutions are continuously evolving, with a strong focus on sustainability.
A hot topic these days. That’s why ArcelorMittal shined a light onto sustainable steel closures in a webinar on Thursday, 13 June 2024 at 3:30 CET.

The world of closure solutions is diverse, offering everything from easy-open ends to twist-off caps. The real challenge? Balancing reliability, convenience and sustainability. How do we ensure closures withstand sterilization, remain easy for consumers to open, and minimize material use without sacrificing performance?

One promising avenue is thinning steel closures. Through clever design and the use of high-strength steel grades like 620, 650, and 700 MPa, we're creating closures that are thinner yet just as sturdy, reducing material use while maintaining performance.

At the heart of this innovation journey are our advanced R&D tools. From 3D scanners to finite element software, these tools accelerate development, slashing time-to-market and minimizing trial and error. They help to choose the best steel specifications from our catalogue or even develop custom solutions tailored to unique needs.

During our webinar, we also dove into the toolbox of R&D, showcasing recent successes with very high strength steel products in closure development. We also emphasized the importance of partnerships between canmakers and steelmakers, highlighting the collaborative effort needed to integrate sustainable steel closures seamlessly.

Watch the webinar and discover the potential of innovative closures, paving the way for a more sustainable future with smarter steels.

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Gilles Mangin, Packaging product development engineer, ArcelorMittal – Global R&D [Copyright ArcelorMittal Europe]

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