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… that steel packaging helps reducing food waste?

Each year, 30% of global food production is lost after harvest or wasted in shops, households and catering services. This portion amounts 20% in the EU. And more than a half of it comes from households which amounts to approximatively 47 million tonnes of food wasted. What a waste… Luckily, we can try to avoid it! Of the many options available today, steel packaging is one of them as it protects and preserves products at all stages.

Steel keeps food fresher and longer

  • Steel cans retain product freshness, flavor and nutritional value longer than any other packaging (for 3-5 years), even at ambient or high temperatures.
  • Food pack in steel has equivalent vitamin content to freshly prepared, without the need of any preservatives.
  • No spoilage and loss due to contamination by other products.
  • Portion-size packaging allow consumers to buy the precise quantity needed and throw less food away.

Unbreakable steel

Apart from food spoilage in households because of being not consumed or out-of-date, a huge part of the food loss occurs during production and handling/storage.

It represents more than 20% each. With canned food, some of this loss could be avoided:

  • Fast and efficient filling of steel cans and high speed processes minimize product spoilage.
  • Steel packaging is easy to handle, transport and impossible to spill or break.
  • No need for refrigeration (saving 70% of energy consumption throughout the supply chain).


Giving damaged food a second chance

Because market displays of fruit and vegetables must always offer tempting and plumper products, appealing to the eye, producers as well as retailers like supermarkets or groceries stores only select good looking, right-shaped products to be sold to customers. Leading misshapen or damaged food to be systematically taken off the shelves and thrown away.

But with steel cans, fruits or vegetables that cannot be sold “as is” for reasons such as being considered blemished or too "ugly" to be sold can be canned and processed as normal. No need to be good-looking, just to be good. That way, steel cans helps reducing product loss and waste at processing and retail.

It is important to understand that reducing waste starts with ourselves. Wastage by not creating it in the first place should be a priority for all. And using steel for packaging is already one way to achieve that goal!


Not convinced yet? Have a look at this short video and we are sure you will be afterwards Smile


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