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2-6 May 2017, Essen (Germany)

Steel is the best material for packaging - to demonstrate it, ArcelorMittal once again participated in Metpack. During the event, we presented our complete range of lightweight steels for the packaging industry.

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Steel Advisor for Packaging

Introducing the Steel Advisor for Packaging: The right steel for each application – just a few clicks away!

The new App was launched at Metpack, to discover it download the ArcelorMittal App with Google Play.

Numerical simulation: a powerful tool to support the sustainability of the steel packaging market

On May 3, Olivier Beigneux, packaging team research manager, presented the methods AcelorMittal R&D is using to satisfy the ever evolving market demands during the Metpack technical conference. 

In order to continue growing in a sustainable way, the steel packaging market still needs to find new opportunities to expand through notably improved cost effectiveness, shortened time to market and better packaging differentiation.

Using computer simulation methods is a powerful tool to help achieving this objective and thus provide the metal packaging sector with major areas for improvement as follows:

  • Improved cost effectiveness in the manufacturing of steel for packaging can be achieved through a drastic can weight reduction which is made possible by the introduction of thinner gauges by the steel makers. The conference deals with how the Finite Element Analysis can be efficiently used to provide the canmakers with thinner gauges for food cans or components (in particular for ends and tab) as well as for aerosol components or beverage cans.
  • Increasing the reactivity to customer demands and new consumer habits on a highly competitive market is also identified as a key issue to address. The paper will illustrate how the numerical simulation is able to significantly reduce the time to market of new steel packaging through the definition of the simplest and cheapest can manufacturing processes.
  • Technology advancements over the years have significantly raised the visual appeal for products packed in steel containers. The presentation will focus on how the computer simulation methods are able to help promoting a better differentiation for products packed in steel containers through novel shapes and new innovative packaging.
  • Through these various examples, ArcelorMittal, as a major steelmaker, will show how it relies on the Finite Element Method (FEM) to provide each canmaker with a tailored-made steel solution and thus make the steel packaging market sustainable in the long term.

Safe formability assessment on a shaped 3P aerosol using numerical simulation