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New products and developments

At ArcelorMittal, innovation means discovering new solutions that give our customers the competitive advantage. In other words, this means:

  • Reducing the weight through significant down gauging actions
  • Increasing the formability of steel, to enable the production of appealingly shaped cans
  • Complying with ever more stringent environmental regulations

ArcelorMittal R&D team for steel solutions for packaging

The R&D team specialized in steel solutions for packaging streamlines its various activities towards four major objectives:

  • To develop new types of steel that are more efficient, resulting in lighter packaging, improved features, and increased appeal through different shapes (Maleïs®, Creasteel®).
  • To develop new metallic coatings, which will enhance the range of surface finishes for steel for packaging, and new organic coatings, in keeping with our commitment to performance and environmental respect.
  • To develop new packaging solutions to explore the potential of steel and position it as the material of choice for material specifiers (steel bottles, one-piece aerosols).
  • To continually improve industrial processes for better product control, ensuring that customers’ production lines continue to function optimally and at ever increasing throughputs.