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CANstruction show from 14 to 16 December 2018 @Thiais (France)

Steel cans keep food fresh longer, steel cans preserve all nutrients, steel cans provide a unique barrier against light, water and air, steel cans have a long shelf life… Steel cans have so many virtues that they are the material of choice to help fight hunger!

That is the idea behind the forthcoming event organised jointly by UPPIA and Metal Packaging Europe in France this month. During 3 days, from December 14 to 16, those of you shopping at the Carrefour Belle Epine (Thiais, France) will encounter an artistic stand raising awareness of world hunger and how steel cans are the easiest and most convenient way to help fight hunger.

Passers-by will no doubt be attracted by this huge sea-horse shaped sculpture of 2.5 meters high, and totally composed of steel cans. The sculpture is a real piece of art, made with more than 4,500 cans of various shapes and sizes, mostly fish cans and vegetables cans, and of a wide variety of colours.

At the end of the event, all the food cans used will be donated to the food bank, along with the cans that will be collected throughout the 3 days.

A perfect Christmas gift packaging

On top of this nice piece of art, visitors can attend a “customization” workshop with a crimping* machine. Visitors who donate food cans to the food bank will receive a uniquely decorated can, created for the occasion, in which they can stock an object of their choice. The can will then be crimped by the bottom with the object inside and could be opened later via a peel-off lid making it a perfect, unique and 100% recyclable Xmas gift box! Wink

The Massilly group, a French canmaker, will offer these nice collector cans.

A nice way of rewarding the act of giving, whilst showcasing how catchy and beautiful a steel can can be!

Other CANstruction shows are about to be held in France in 2019. Watch this spot!


* Crimping is joining two or more pieces of metal or other ductile material by deforming one or both of them to hold the other.


Banner image: SNEHIT /
Pictures: Courtesy of UPPIA

A CANstruction wall erected in Madrid in June 2018


4.000, this is the number of filled food cans needed to build up this original "Metal Recycles Forever" wall. The cans donated to local food bank Banco de Alimentos de Madrid represent around 640 kilos of tunas equivalent to some 1.600 meals for a family of four.

The full story here