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Creasteel®, innovative steel for brand-differentiating packaging

In order to satisfy consumer expectations in terms of convenience and safety in food packaging, and brand and filler expectations in terms of brand differentiation, ArcelorMittal has developed Creasteel®, a hyper deep-drawing steel perfectly suited to the food market (sterilization with counter pressure).


Creasteel® for stylish drawn cans

  • Convenience: all heating methods oven, water bath, microwave
  • Differentiation: complex shapes for round bellied, tapered, and stackable cans
  • Style: no seams or luder lines, high quality printing.

Creasteel® for efficient easy-open lids

  • Efficiency: easy-open system that is as good or better than aluminium, with no spring-back effect, with a simpler seaming operation that protects varnish
  • Differentiation: seams available in different colours
  • Cost savings: thinner gauges