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Crown corks

Product advice on steels to be used for:
Important specification
  • Lacquer adhesion
  • Good flatness
  • Tight size tolerances on sheets

Crown caps (pry-off or twist) are used as closures for glass beverage bottles. They are made of chromium- or tin-plated steel, and are finished with high-precision printing. Downgauging is becoming a major challenge in this competitive market. Steels used in this application must exhibit good flatness, very good lacquer adhesion, and tight tolerances on strip width and sheet squareness.

The exact pressure resistance comes from a combination of the packaging steel’s thickness and hardness.

Recently, grade TH620 (0.18 mm) has become the main grade used for both pry-off and twist-off caps. Previously, grade TH415 (0.21/0.22 mm thick) was the most popular for pry-off caps while softer grades such as TS275 and TH360 were used for twist-off caps.

Metallic coating: ECCS or tin coating mainly E2.8/2.8 (or E11.2/11.2 for special end-uses).




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