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DWI food can

Product advice on steels to be used for:
Important specification
  • Steel Cleanliness
  • Low anisotropy
  • Ironing-ability
  • Flanging ability
  • Corrosion resistance

The DWI (drawn and wall ironed) food can is an attractive alternative to welded 3P cans for sterilised food. DWI food cans require a high-speed process, low-earring, no split flanges, and good surface properties (for appearance and lacquering). The finished cans must exhibit good mechanical properties with respect to axial and radial loads. Optimum performance is obtained by balancing the thickness and hardness of the steel used in the can wall.

To meet these requirements, ArcelorMittal offers steel strip with very tight thickness tolerances, good inclusion cleanliness, low anisotropy, and which can be bake-hardened. The steel is also extremely clean.

Metallic coating: Tin coating with or without re-melting or with or without passivation. Note: ECCS is not suitable for ironing.

Special surface passivations are available to improve surface wettability and washcoat adhesion if required.

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