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Aerosol bottom

Product advice on steels to be used for:
Important specification
  • Light weighting
  • Sustainability

For 3P aerosols, the pressure resistance is defined by the top and bottom. The pressure resistance of the bottom comes from a combination of the steel’s thickness and hardness.

When selecting a packaging steel for the top, the most important characteristic is therefore the grade. The seaming ability of the component has to be taken into consideration as well for smaller aerosol diameters.

Both Batch Annealing (BA) grades and Continuous Annealing (CA) grades can be used but harder grades (TH550) are recommended. To allow further downgauging, ArcelorMittal has developed a new generation of steel with high strenght (YS 650 MPa) with the required rheological properties.

Metallic coating: Tin coating.

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